Wine of the month

Each month I will do my best to highlight a new wine that I love.  Every month I pick selections from Costco that I have never tried, and the best one I will highlight.


September 2012; Casillero del Diablo (Cab 2011, Chilean)

I skipped a few months- though I didn’t skip drinking my wine…just getting them on the site- sorry about that!  However, after my first sip of this wine, I HAD to get it on the site! YUMMMO.

This wine is from Chilean Valley and although I am not great at describing wines too well, let me just tell you it has a very rich and fruity flavor (though not sweet) and there is no way you can stop at one glass…who am I kidding, I can never stop at one glass of anything.  Although I tend to not ‘pair’ wine in the traditional sense, this one definitely goes well with a red meat (nice juicy steak would be my choice).

Enjoy & Cheers!

June 2012: Woop Woop (Shiraz, 2010, Australia)

Woop Woop from Down Under

The Story about Woop Woop (from the website) means, essentially, in Australia, for “out there”.  I really found it was, especially for a bottle of wine under $15.  I am not a fan of licorice, but this had a hint of that, and I loved it.  I could taste dark berries in it too and although not earthy (I am not an earthy wine kind a gal), it definitely has a deep taste (is that a technical term?).  I tend to buy wines by the LOOK of the label. Yes I know, a for sure science right? They don’t always work out, but it sure is fun anyhow.

All in all, I loved it and am excited to try the other varieties of this maker.

July 2012; Rainstorm (Pino Gris, Oregon)

So it rains a lot in Oregon. That is the gist of what I got from the website.  All I know, is this wine is yummmy.  VERY dry.  A wonderful ‘after taste’ with a tinge of a fruity feel.

I love the label, and right now, when it is 108 degrees, I am loving the crisp refreshing feel of this wonderful white wine.

There are other varieties of this maker, though Costco only carried this one, that I saw.  Perhaps I need to dig deeper!

7 thoughts on “Wine of the month”

  1. wildacademicwoman said:

    Thanks for sharing! I go to Costco, too, so this blog will be very helpful as I continue to explore the world of wine.

  2. great idea!!

  3. I love Wine and Costco! You’re a girl after my own heart!
    Neaten Your Nest

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