Gluten Free Resources

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First off…thank GOD wine is gluten-free.  Amen, hallelujah.  It is hard enough to learn that you can’t eat most of what everyone else is eating, but if I couldn’t have my wine? Wheew…watch out.

Now, that the important stuff is said, let me also say this; living Gluten Free is WONDERFUL.  It is.  Truly.  It is hard for others, who don’t understand, but living it is bliss.

If you are just now trying it, or newly diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance you may not believe me.  But please, believe me.  Whatever ailments you were feeling before, and even those that may just be doing it for fitness reasons, it is so worth it.  I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER.

GLUTEN IS IN A LOT OF STUFF.  Period.  When in doubt, skip it.

My fav single serve packets to carry!

Restaurants can be difficult, though more and more are becoming gluten friendly.  My never fail process is to carry my salad dressing with me, order a plain salad maybe with grilled chicken and add my own dressing. Voila!

Below are some resources.  There is a lot of information now about Celiac, but these are just my favorite, resources and products.  Feel free to share what you use or know too!

**Note that all products should be checked carefully and things may change, so be responsible and always check ingredients***

Celiac Disease Foundation

The best book to carry when shopping! Cecelia’s Marketplace.

My favorite store-bought bread (if you don’t make it yourself)! Rudy’s Bakery

Two favorite pastas are Schar and Quinoa.

Since I am also lactose intolerant, this is my favorite “butter”…though it is great for EVERYONE! Earth Balance

My favorite sauces (though I tend to make a lot myself)! Walden Farms

Favorite “soy sauce” alternative (though there is this great brand too!) is Bragg Liquid Amino

Favorite cookies (though I try to save my calories for wine..): Dr. Lucy’s, and Enjoy life (they have other yummy stuff).

My favorite chips, Pop Chips!

My favorite snack Nut Thins, that I love with Hummus.

My favorite crackers! And the best pretzels too! Glutino

Favorite general flour mix is Bisquick Gluten free (if you can believe it!)

Yummy burritos from Amy’s kitchen (they have other yummy meals too!)  Love their gluten and dairy free cake too!

Waffles I love! Van’s

Love this beer (though I prefer wine).  Red Bridge beer.

Alternative to Beano (which has wheat in it): Bean Zyme

A good site to order food if you don’t have a grocery that is gluten-free friendly.

Stay tuned for more and know that all my recipes are gluten and lactose free (usually dairy free too).


Questions I get frequently

1: What were your symptoms that made you think you had gluten/lactose issues?

First, everyone’s symptoms are not the same.  So you can’t necessarily compare mine to yours.  My symptoms started when I was a child and progressively got worse over the years, specifically the last 15 years or so. AND I had NO idea what gluten even was so I didn’t know it was an issue.  My symptoms were: PAIN (lots of pain, like built up GAS that nothing would fix), headaches, and a mixture of constipation and diarrhea.  For me, the debilitating part was the pain.

2: How did you find out?

Funny enough, after years and years of doctors telling me that it was stress or IBS, my OB, during the pregnancy of my fourth child said the symptoms sounded related to a food allergy (I was at a breaking point and wanted to die during my fourth pregnancy).  She said the most common cause related to my symptoms were gluten and dairy and to stay away from them during the pregnancy till I could get a biopsy.***LIFE ALTERING ADVICE HERE****

I got my blood tested; came back inconclusive (like most do) so after the birth of my fourth I finally got a biopsy done on my stomach and intestines and YES an answer finally.

3: Is it hard to transition?

Yes, at first.  But you have to know that it is a WHOLE ‘nother world when you do.  You can’t half ass this though, you have to cut ALL gluten out.  Not just most.  Not just bread and pasta.  ALL OF IT.  You can’t cheat.  Ever.  And…it is hidden, a lot.  If it has preservatives or fillers…it has gluten.

The hardest part?  Is for others to understand the issues.  When you can’t see something wrong, sometimes it is hard for people to get it.

4: Does your whole family eat gluten and lactose free?

Yes and no.  All the meals I make are gluten and lactose free.  But I do buy regular bread for the kids to make sandwiches with and they eat gluten cereal and drink regular milk.  My littlest one can’t tolerate cow milk though and is on Soy formula.  We shall see if any of the kiddo’s have issues.  I monitor it closely.

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  1. Terry Jamail-Batrouni said:

    Hi Shannon, we need an option for the cracked wheat that is imperative to Kibbee! Someone mentioned leaving it out…not going to happen. Quinoa, uh no. And as you know we can’t live with out it every once in a while. Same goes for Tabooli. Think, think, think….. Love to you all!!!

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