grouplightback copyI am a mother of four.  A business owner.  A wife.  And of course a woman, friend, sister and all that jazz.  I strive to do good- though sometimes I suck at it and strive to be a better person.

I have a food/health blog too, you can visit it here.

I am a mother of four, a business owner, a wife and an avid student of health & happiness. I am not an expert on Celiac, gluten intolerance, food allergies or Lupus, however since being diagnosed with Celiac in 2011 and Lupus in 2015, I have made it one of my goals to understand these diseases and the related issues…and mainly, I just wanted to live healthy, eat food that didn’t taste like crap and experience the joy life has to offer no matter what situation we are in.

Learn more about me and what I do by visiting my website.

By the way, I gripe a lot about them, however I love my children.

Yet, my children drive me NUTS. And to drink…

I love grapes.  When smashed and fermented.

I try not to gripe; but do often.

I am worthy of nothing, but grateful for everything.  Or try to be.

I have made mistakes.  Plenty of them.

But am so grateful I did.




37 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very, very well said! Sometimes the mistakes we make in the past lead us to the best places in the future!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog, because it led me to your blog! I can really appreciate a mama who loves to cook and blog… and drink. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Theresa said:

    Wow I just love reading this! I am so so very proud of you and your family . Keep up the great job!

  4. I’m glad you visited my site. I am going to enjoy following your blog! Ching Ching (that’s a toast not the sound of money). 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by and looking at the post from LIFEHACKER. They have a lot of good ideas on there.

  6. I’ve nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please read the nomination announcement on my site here: http://cryskimnucleus5.wordpress.com/

    Keep it up!!!!

  7. wackadoodle! said:

    ohmigod thankyou sooo much for nominating me 😀 I totally love your blog so I’ll nominate you!!! 😀

  8. What a beautiful place and woman! Thanks for finding and liking my blog!

  9. wow, I LOVE this page! I just learned so much about you and it all made me smile. I love this: ” I am a Christian, though sometimes I suck at it and strive to be a better person” I can’t agree with you more! 😉 And bless you for having 4 children! Cheers!

  10. What a great blog and what a great “about” page. I love every single sentence. Your family is beautiful and I can’t wait to keep reading!

  11. I know not where you are from nor the nature of your association with grapes, if any, but I am very familiar with how the grape/wine industry has affected the Pacific Northwest.

    Vineyards have changed that neck of the woods in many profound ways and will do so for decades to come.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, reading, and liking my recent post. I’ll be back to check your blog out soon, too. Cheers, Elana

  13. Hi There!
    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award, here is a link if you’d like to check it out: http://littlewifeontheprairie.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/the-sunshine-award/
    Glad I stumbled across your blog 🙂

  14. Loooove this! I also love a little wine now and then (and by that I mean whenever I get a moment!). And I also love my children, but the wine helps with that part every now and then 🙂 Thank you!
    Neaten Your Nest

  15. I have nominated you and your blog for a couple of awards from the blogosphere!! Enjoy them and spread the joy. Here’s the link:

  16. Love your blog and I enjoy that you write about real things! As a fellow wine lover, I attempt to work it into whatever I happen to be doing that day….Shopping for dinner? Let’s stop at the wine bar (in the grocery store!) and have a glass. My justification is, I’m more relaxed and better able to make healthy food choices. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  17. I am thrilled to have found your blog! I love your positive attitude. And the fact that you love wine and hot yoga (when I am not at the studio my mat is regularly available for practice at home). I am looking forward to future postings and catching up on older ones.


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