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Let’s squat, shall we?

Where in the heck have I been?  I have been asked that by many of you.  A short answer- I have been in a battle.  A war.  And I am winning!

Ok, really, I have started a new trail in life, and it is a long, rigorous, exciting, hard, intensely satisfying trail.

No, not parenthood.

Though that is a hard, long, rigorous, exciting and sort of satisfying trail.  Ok, mostly satisfying.

But, a new trail.

I have went back to school to pursue a passion I have had since I was a child.  It is no secret that my family has had its trials with mental illness.  And for those that know me well, know that I myself struggle with anxiety and its treacherous claws too. Because of this, I have always wanted to educate myself on how to not only prevent my own struggles (with more than just a bottle glass of wine), but help others who may struggle as well.  I have studied nutrition, health and fitness and am now in the last stages of finishing my masters in mental health counseling.  My goal is to work with women who struggle with anxiety and depression and help them think differently about how they go about life (eat, move, feel).  That or share a bottle of wine with them.  You know, for support.

So in my sleep deprived brain, (I stayed the night in Children’s hospital last night with my 12-year-old who has pneumonia…you know…just another night in the life of a parent), I realized I needed to share this trail with you!  I have been writing a lot in my other blog lately, but have missed many interactions with you all.

The good news is…in my own imperfectness, I can understand the struggles faced.  I still face them, though I can honestly tell you me and my best friend, the wine bottle, have had to have less nights together (don’t for a minute mistake that sentence..we still have our fun times..they are just not mandated as much..you know, where if I don’t drink a bottle glass, I will have to find a large chest with a broken latch to lock myself into…).  Instilling some of my own teachings into my life have done amazing things.  Life is good.  If it is not for you, it can be.

We are only given one.  This one life.  Let’s enjoy it, shall we?  Will you join me on this health & happiness movement?

Or, if all else fails, enjoy a nice glass of wine with me?



Look how happy my niece looks.

PS- I fear I have become that person by the way.  You know the one.  Where you don’t bring up nutrition or fitness or health stuff because that person will spout off the ways you should be living.  You should be eating xyz, you should be doing xyz…

Good grief.







My sister. Such family love.

I am SO bad, that even at the hospital last night, we were doing squats and planks.  Yes, yes we were.  Why?  Well because sitting for hours is bad for you.  So you should get up and move.  You know, one of the xyz’s.Thank goodness my family loves me.  Like really loves me.  My sister and niece just adore me.



PSS- don’t for a minute think we didn’t sneak wine into Children’s hospital.  Yes, yes we did.