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Igirlsonstool have been blessed to have lived in many areas.  Different states, cities and over 60+ neighborhoods (yes, you read that right).  I have met a crap ton of people.  In Executive positions, millionaires, po-dunk town folk, to homeless shelters and drug housing hoods. Some I instantly connect with, and feel a life long bond form- only to be adjusted by spending more time with said person to realize we don’t line up like I originally thought (which is totally ok), and some I immediately wrote off upon meeting assuming the initial impression was not for me- only to be dislodged by spending more time with said person to realize they are completely different from what I originally thought (this usually occurs by a happy accident since I had already written the poor sap off- or perhaps because we started sharing mucho wine together, either way- yay).

I am sure this has happened in the reverse for me.  People have met me and thought, “that is one super cool b*$&” (course that is what they thought!), only to realize I am a crazy lunatic with an unbalanced mind.

My biggest gripe, regarding myself and others, is in the form of a question, “why do we often like to assume the worst in others?”  I work on this daily.  I do.  From assuming the worst in a text message’s meaning (or lack thereof), to social media postings, to initial meetings with new people, to spaces of quietness.   Why do we instantly want to attack too?  Or have a knee jerk reaction to not be nice?

I think about this till the point of exhaustion.  Then I say f&*$ it, grab another glass of wine and move on.  The good news is, there are many, many amazing, people who lift each other up.  Look at your circle of influence and be sure you surround yourself with them.  Positive, kind and loving people.  Probably not of the alcoholic type (crap, that limits my circle a bit).  Watch your circle closely. Guard it wisely.

I must run now, as I am watching the four and three-year old balance on a stool they found somewhere and are currently knocking all the items off a shelf, probably smashing the DVD player.