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Last-VegasRecently my husband, best friend and I were in Beverly Hills and while retrieving our car from the valet, we saw one of my favorite actors retrieving his car ahead of us (he is one of the gentlemen in the picture to the left).  I was thrilled and did my best discreet star watching (he was less than a foot from me so being discreet wasn’t really an option- I did my best to not STARE with my jaw open).  My excitement started to dwindle as I watched him interact with the cashier.  It really plummeted as I watched him get into his $120k car (non judgment sarcasm..I swear)… without tipping the valet.  Without smiling.  Ever.  Not once.  Not one smile.  Not just no smile, but a very closed off unfriendly face.  Stiff countenance and an overall feeling of “I DO NOT WANT TO BE AROUND YOU”.  I was crushed.

My husband was still drooling over the car as I started to immediately talk smack. “What the…f&%?”.  “What’s his problem?”.  “I can’t believe..”.

Listen people, I was really heartbroken because…well…just because.  You had to be there.

The valet driver was so classy.  He said, “no biggie, it happens”.

The tipping wasn’t even my biggest problem, cause to each their own on that I suppose (though it really does drive me crazy when folks don’t tip).  It was his whole damn demeanor.  I mean, really?

I talked about it for days.  Like days. OK maybe weeks.  To everyone.

Then the other day it hit me.  Hard.

Who the hell am I to judge his behavior? Is he not entitled to a bad day?  Perhaps he got bad news where he was just coming from.  Perhaps he got into a fight with a loved one.  Perhaps he was constipated (don’t ever underestimate how much that sucks..just ask my two-year old right now).  Perhaps…he had a run in…with a crazed fan…and just wanted to get home and away from anyone.

Just imagine being a movie star for a day.  Shoot..for an hour.  I have lived most of my life in Southern California..and have run into my fair share of stars and icons and although my pride has always kept me from approaching them…I still, of course, was a bit enthralled… and can only imagine the approaches they DO get..from the sweet, wonderful ones to the hate..ugly and bitter ones.  No thanks.

I have bad days.  I have a bad attitude sometimes (save it husband…I don’t need any feedback from you on this). Why is he not entitled to a bad day or bad attitude?  Just cause he is famous?  I think not.

Everyone is entitled to bad days.  It isn’t as if he cursed someone out.  Or got ugly, mean or physical.

So…whatever.  Shame on me for talking s$%& for weeks about it.

Why can’t I quit judging others?  No one should be immune from NOT being judged.

OK, enough of my rant today.  I will go about my NON judgy day and see about getting my two year old to take a dump.