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high-school-vs.-college-making-a-successful-transitionI don’t hide the fact that I am a selfish person and wonder all the time how God felt that I deserved the B..L..E..SS..I..N.G (that was hard to type) of children.

I am looking forward to the day they are all moved out and I can sit naked on my couch and do NOTHING (don’t imagine that ok…cause in seventeen years from now that could really burn someones eyes).

I am seriously STOKED that my oldest moves out today.  OUT.  He is moving OUT.  Ok, so he is moving into a dorm and I still have to sort of, kind of, save his room.  Maybe.

And ya ya, he will be back for holidays and summers.  Or not.  He could find a girlfriend and then who knows.

But I am excited. One down, three to go.  I.  Am.  So.  Excited.

Or I was.

Till I heard him come in late last night and realized he won’t do that anymore.  Like, probably never.

Till I realized that I won’t ever have him, as a mom, to myself, again.  Next time he comes home it will be as an adult visiting child.  Adult.  Visiting.

Damn.  That means I actually care and am not all jackass.

Well crap.

I am a lot jackass though.

Cause I am also super sad I don’t have a lawn guy anymore (my son).

I also don’t have a pool guy anymore (my son)

Nor a built-in babysitter anymore (my son).

What the hell!?

After all, this is all about ME and I just realized I am gonna have to mow my own lawn, clean my own pool, and watch my own kids.

Oh hell no, my 11 year old’s training starts TODAY.