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There is something to be said for the end of a school year.

And none of it is good.

Add to it a graduating child, among the four children, and you might as well stick a fork in me cause I am D. O. N. E.

I have no idea if my son is really graduating actually.  His girlfriend told me he is failing a class.  He says he is not.  Have I looked online and checked? Nope.  Will I? Nope.  I guess I will see if he gets his diploma on Saturday.  Either way, I have a case of wine to celebrate, cause he will be 18 soon and he will be HIS problem.

My daughter needed money today for a field trip.

What field trip?

Oh the one I didn’t know about. Nor if she has her homework completed.  Does she even have any?

I have no idea.  I stopped checking about a month ago.  I am good to make sure they have clean clothes to wear to school.

Oh wait.  I don’t do that for them either really.  Shouldn’t all three-year olds know how to operate a washer?

Today I am also trying to finish planning a graduation party (or a ‘you may someday get a diploma party’).  It is to be a joint party with my son’s girlfriends family.  It is to be Sunday.  At noon.

I happened to check my son’s work schedule.  He works Sunday.  At noon.

Course he is.  Cause he was supposed to request the time off.  Not me.  HIM.  You know..this is the part where I am trying to let go and him take over.

It didn’t happen.

Now what?  Family, friends and the girlfriends family and friends…are all coming.  He may not even be there.  Reschedule  you say?  Oh, let’s see..family fly’s in late Friday, graduation is late Saturday (and they are booked most of the day with rehearsals and other stupid stuff they do before they walk in a straight line to get a piece of paper- that may or may NOT mean they graduate) and then there is Sunday.  The day of the party.  The only day available.  And my son is working the bulk of the day.

Screw it.  I have that case of wine.

I am so tired.

Please no more homework, papers to sign, papers to review (am I the only one that if it doesn’t get turned into the school, it gets turned into the trash?), grades to analyze, teachers to follow-up with, end of year gifts, end of year parties, college applications, housing deposits, car crash reports (….I have a teenage driver…who chooses the end of the year to wreck…twice), no more emails…dear God no more emails…which are only reminders of all the things I DON’T KNOW about…or care about.

I am sorry.

I had it all together at one point.

Then somewhere around April it all fell apart.  Completely.


And now I am tired.

Wait…Fathers day is coming up too?

You are kidding right?

Fathers day, for my husband, and probably most fathers (awesome or not), is everyday as far as I am concerned. Do the Fathers get these DAMN EMAILS? I think…on Fathers day, I am going to drive to the airport.  Whip out my credit card, slap it on the counter of American Airlines and ask for the next available flight to France.

I understand they have great wine there.