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I am not a clean freak by nature.  I do not generally spend time each day ‘cleaning’ my house.  Yes yes I pick up stuff…shoot I wake up doing that and its usually the last thing I do before I close my eyes…but I don’t scrub toilets or wash my floors everyday.

Until now.

And I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love a clean house.  More than that, I love an organized house. But clean and organized do not fit into the description of ‘mother of four’.  I won’t bother spending time discussing my husband’s habits…

After I spent three hours cleaning the garage (spotless), my husband works on one small project....and this is how it is left.

After I spent three hours cleaning the garage (spotless), my husband works on one small project….and this is how it is left.

But, right now, I have to keep a CLEAN house.

And it is HARD.  And it SUCKS.

This child works hard on making sure SHE is dirty...let alone the house.

This child works hard on making sure SHE is dirty…let alone the house. This is ink.  Ink people.

Why does my house have to be SUPER CLEAN all the time?

This wannabe Texas girl (aka really a California girl) wants to go back home.  And in order to do that, this house must sell.  And in order for it to sell, it must be clean.

Before any of you sweethearts tell me that anyone buying a home our size will also have children, thus will understand a bit of a mess….

No.  They won’t.

In this market, presentation sells.  In any market.  It is all about emotional factors (and price, yes price too).  Sooo…now I spend everyfreakingmoment picking up, wiping down, sweeping, scrubbing, and organizing.

Every.  Freaking.  Moment. Because you never know when a potential buyer may want to see the house…

Not to mention, when we are notified that someone wants to see our house, I spend another frantic hour ‘prepping’ the house for the showing.

It is enough to break one down. Or drive one to drinking.  Which I do already.  So now..I am going to drink while I break down.

Oh how I want to duct tape my entire family to the fence outside.  All day long.  I may put a tent up and shove them all in it.

Good grief, if this house doesn’t sell quickly, I may not need to worry about a change of address for the state…cause I am sure that Texas has nutfarms here for me to live in. At least those places have sterile white walls.  Right?