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I can admit that I am just not that great of a mom.  Really.  I am not looking for kudo’s or atta girls, or yes you are’s.  I just know that I am an OK mom and that on some days, a decent mom, and other days…well…I won’t put the words in print of the kind of mom I can be.

Then there are days, like the other day….when it becomes necessary to either;

1- medicate me

2- restrain me

3- ship me far, far away


Like a lot of houses, we have been full of sickness and crankiness.

Unlike a lot of houses; I don’t deal well with it. And on one particular day, I just let everyone fall apart.

Started with kid number 4.

S cryingThen moved on to kid number three.

P cryingThen it even hit kid number 2.

N cryingYes people.  All in the same day.  All within an hour or so.  And it kept going…and going…and going…

So what did I do?

Close your eyes.  What do you see?

That is what I did.  And let them all cry.

Then I walked away, poured a glass of wine and prayed.

I checked on a friend whose house is also full of sick and cranky kids. I asked how things were.  Here is her response;

txt See why I prayed?

And so they all lived to see another day.

Thank you God.