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I took the lil ones to do art the other day.  So cute to see the excitement and joy.


I felt like such a good mommy.savannahatart

Ya…not doing that again.

At least not with the one year old.  This kinda art is not meant for kiddo’s under three…unless you enjoy holding a screaming kid with a paintbrush loaded with paint who only wants to paint herself, her sister, the furniture and anything else within a foot of reach.  Just not the damn canvas.

We will stick with the color-magic markers and outside chalk art thank you very much.  I will take her back when she is….sixteen and can drive her dang self.  Brat.

My dear friend is the manager of the art studio, and is pregnant with her second child.

Her first is not even two yet.

One would think, that by seeing the obvious joy (errr…hell and chaos) of my situation it would have caused her to not only NOT get pregnant again (like maybe pull her own uterus out), but AT LEAST wait oh….for never…ok, three to five years….at least…in between.

For all you mommies (and daddy’s) that LOVE and ENJOY having kids close in age, CHEERS to you.  I like em’ big and the constant, daily, minute by minute angst, and fighting, and fevers, and crap diapers, and whining, and middle of the night HELL-IS JUST NOT MY CUP OF TEA.  At all.

So when friends of mine gathered several weeks ago and started discussing having babies my skin literally started to itch.  My eyes started to water and my throat to tighten.  My heart started palpitating and I was reminded of the numerous nightmares I have where I am pregnant…despite my husband being fixed and my uterus being BURNED out.  Where I wake up in a sweat and want to immediately….and simultaneously…cut my husbands manhood off and take a pregnancy test just to be sure that I am not pregnant with Jesus’ sister- a miraculous event considering the lengths we have gone to ensure no more babies.

As I start to take deep breaths, to calm myself during all the ‘having more babies’ talk, my beautiful friend pipes up, “Uh..if I found out I was pregnant I would climb up on the roof…the highest part.. and jump.”

As laughter bubbled out…I couldn’t help but think to myself, oh I love you dear friend for making me feel normal for just a moment.

I love, with all my heart, my babies.  All four of the monsters.  And I would, without hesitation, give up my life for them.

Just don’t ask me to have another one.  I’d rather have an aneurysm.