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I am addicted to drugs.

I never used to be.  I didn’t even like to take Tylenol, let alone the hard stuff.

But I am.

Now I am.  Actually….my head is in a cloud right now…on drugs.

And I like it.

It is getting time to cut back…..I think.  Probably.

Cause my cold is finally going away.

Time to get rid of the Advil cold & flu, NyQuil, Dayquil, Emergen-C and halls cough drops.

For 9 solid days I have been sick.

For 9 solid days I have been listening to my husband tell me to take it easy and rest.

For 9 solid days I have been juggling work, the kids….and my husband….as he hands me work (or a kid)…all while telling me to rest and take it easy.


So I drugged up.  And put a mask on.

Cause I am beginning to think, mothers (and even some fathers) are just not allowed to be sick.

So tonight I am going to treat myself to a salad.  A fruit salad.


And forget the damn drugs…kids….and husband.