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I just got back from Las Vegas. Ahhh…..

Why is it that upcoming fun events take so long to get here and yet FLY by when you are there?! Dang it.

We had a fabulous time though.  Well…we had lovely dinners and lots of adult beverages…(thus I owe someone 150 burpees…you can just throttle me now please), along with long nights of sleep.

Yes.  Sleep.  Each night we had VIP entries to hot Vegas clubs….and the only VIP entry we made it to was our bed.

Why? Well…because sleep is as precious to me as having a blast dancing the night away.  Sort of.

Needless to say, I do have a tiny cringe of regret at not pushing myself…and venturing to the clubs… at least for a short while.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? I LOVED the 9+ hours of sleep!

Prior to leaving to Vegas…like hours before…my youngest one got a fever.  A high 102.5 one.  So off to the dr. I ran to make sure it wasn’t the dreaded flu.

savannah at dr

It wasn’t.  But that didn’t make me feel much better leaving her behind….sick…as I venture off to partaaay.

At the airport..waiting for my flight..with a glass of champagne in hand (duh..don’t you start the fun BEFORE you even get to Vegas?), I got a text that she not only had a fever…but started throwing up.

Just dandy I thought, as I ordered another glass of champagne.

A little tickle starts to happen in the back of my tiny brain…that I ignore.

The next day, I get another text.  The three-year old is throwing up too.

Well, that is lovely, I think as I order a bottle glass of wine.

I then glance through facebook briefly, sipping my wine, and see some sweet comments on the picture of my lil sick baby I posted the day before…and then another comment from a fellow mom that turned the little tickle into full-blown mommy guilt;

“ya we have sick kids too, so I had to cancel my trip”.

Oh hell.

Is that what I should have done?

Well..I didn’t.  Because I trusted those that had my babies (and I am so grateful to them), and you know what else? Babies get sick- a lot.  Extra kuddos to those that put everything above their own needs…however, I have always been clear on the kind of person I am: SELFISH.

Ya, I am not the good kind of mom really, especially when it comes to this stuff.  I enjoy my time way too much, and although I couldn’t wait to see those precious faces when I got home last night, I sure did enjoy my lazy mornings, long nights of sleep, and the ability to go to the bathroom without an entourage.

Plus…don’t we tell ourselves that these breaks make us better parents? Ya, I am sticking with that.