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Yesterday I read a passage that someone wrote about living for the moment.  To not wish for the future, or be stuck in the past, but to live in the moment, now.


Am I the only one that finds this really difficult to do?  Yes I spend quiet time in prayer and thankfulness (usually in the closet with a bottle of wine while the kids beat on the door outside…Bose headphones are the bomb by the way) and yes I spend moments in the WEEK (no not everyday) just pausing and reflecting on my blessed life (usually moments before all hell breaks loose).  But each moment?  No.  I do not.

Most moments I am just trying to get through.  To the next one.

And truthfully…I am usually wishing for a future event or time frame…like next week I am going to Vegas for a couple of days…and YES…I am wishing it WAS RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

I wish I could live in the moment.  That each moment I was treasuring and relishing and not even thinking about later, or tomorrow, or next week (Cosmopolitan hotel…Cirque de Soleil…oh sorry…got sidetracked)…

Usually I don’t…live in the moment.  What I do, most days, is GET by.  And survive.  I try to find ways to make the time as enjoyable as possible…or at the very least NOT ABSOLUTE CHAOS.

I survival parent.

My survival parenting includes long baths.  Sometimes more than one in a day.  Why?  No it is not because good parents make sure their kids are clean.  It is because it keeps them QUIET and happy.  For.  A.  Long.  Time.

girlsbathingYes they are usually pretty pruned up by the time they get out.

My survival parenting also includes art time.  Why?  No it is not because good parents encourage their children’s artistic side in order to establish well-rounded healthy children.  It is because it keeps them busy.  And quiet.  For.  A. Long. Time.

paigecoloringYes usually the paint, markers and crayons end up everywhere.  That is what the ten and seventeen year old’s are for.  To clean up.

My survival parenting includes treat time for the dog.  Why?  No it is not because we love our dog so much that we enjoy giving him goodies.  It is because if either baby is having a tantrum, all I have to say is, “who wants to give Jack a treat?” and they both run to the pantry with instant dry eyes and quiet smiling faces.

girlsfeedingjackToo bad Jack is becoming quite overweight in the process…

My survival parenting includes TV time, iPad time and popcorn whenever I want. Why? Yes…it is exactly as it sounds.  Cause it is easy for this parent (me) that is probably just needing to finish dishes, pack lunches or make dinner.


I am not especially proud of my survival parenting…but it does keep the kids…and myself…alive.  That is good, no?

Speaking of good…my husband and I are really focusing on our nutrition for 2013.  No not a diet.  Not a lose weight plan.  Just eating even healthier than we already do.  Which includes less alcohol (shoot me now please).


And in this process of trying to limit the alcohol intake, I made a bet.  That I wouldn’t drink at all (AT ALL PEOPLE) Monday-Thursday.  And if I do (or the other person) we would have to do 50 burpees per day of infraction.  50 freaking burpees!


OK….now…do you remember where I said I was going next week?


In the middle of the week.

Stupid bet.

Tomorrow, during crossfit, I will be doing 50 burpees and putting them in the bank.  Why?  Well….because I can GUARANTEE that I will be drinking the three days I am in Vegas so might as well get a head start on the burpees.

Stupid bet.