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My husband is out-of-town.

My two littlest ones are sick.

I am starting to get sick.

I am also trying not to drink wine during the week.

Can you not see how this is all a recipe for a disaster? <insert multiple curse words and ugly sounds>

Before my husband went out-of-town we discussed Christmas gifts. And like every year, we told each other not to worry about ourselves and to just focus on the kids and family.

And every year we do the exact opposite. I mean, we still focus on kids and family…but we always go out of our way to get each other a nice gift too.

It does get a little hard to surprise the other when we share bank, credit card and amazon accounts.

Earlier this year I told my husband I wanted a bread maker so that it would be easier to make bread. For the family.


So my cute husband is getting it for me for Christmas. How do I know this? Besides that he told me? Cause I saw the amazon order.

Here’s the problem folks…it is a FAMILY gift. Cause I will be using it to make bread for the FAMILY. Right? Am I the only one that sees this?

I mean..I am not being OVERLY greedy or anything..but Santa my husband might want to put a TO FAMILY tag on the bread maker and perhaps…maybe…put a TO WIFE tag on…oh I don’t know..a SPA certificate per chance? Just a thought…

Oh hell… let me go put my sick self out of my misery and stare at the wine cabinet. Then go to bed.

And dream of a bread maker. That, yes, I am excited and grateful for. Truly.

For the family.