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Some people’s idea of heroism is saving a cat from certain demise in a fire.  Or rescuing a drowning child.  Or pulling an unconscious mother and child out of a car after a crash.

Of which these all are.  Heroic that is.

My idea of being heroic is quite sad.  But….we all have our levels of achievement.

I accomplished TWO things this week that makes me sing inside.

One…was a family picture.  With almost everyone smiling.


This is a BIG deal people.  Especially after our trip to see Santa this year.


And it only took twenty minutes.

TWENTY MINUTES.  Miracles do happen. And no, Ms. Photographer, we do not want to push it and do more creative and fun poses with cute Christmas backgrounds….let’s just thank the stars above and move on….

But the biggest HOORAY about it?  I didn’t have to pinch, knock out or tie up any of my kids (or husband).  Someone pinch ME cause I am STILL in shock.

My second big accomplishment is I went THREE days without any wine.  THREE WHOLE DAYS FOLKS.  This is even a BIGGER deal. Sad…but true.

After day one, for sure I thought I would sink.  Day two was a nightmare as my husband was gone again, and last night was the WORST since we took the whole family out to a Mexican restaurant and everyone was taunting me with margaritas and wine.


Tonight my husband and I have a birthday party to go to.  And it is BYOB.  So….I went and got MY own BYOW.

skinnygirlSorry…I am not sharing either.  Yes people I plan to drink one or both of these beauties.  And I am going to self talk the whole time, “It is Skinny Girl…so no you are not pissing away the last few days of trying not to drink, to save calories, by drinking three days of calories- in one night….”

I did at least prove to myself that I COULD go without wine.  So that means I am not a complete alcoholic right? I mean I was shaking and foaming at the mouth a bit last night, but that could just be from lack of sleep or something….maybe it was those fajitas…

So…today, I feel heroic.  For me, it took heroic strength to not enjoy a case of some wine and somehow my family blessed me by producing a wonderful 2012 picture.

Tonight I will toast to that. Over and over and over and over again.