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I did it.  One day.  Well almost…as I could break down in the next thirty minutes…possibly.

Let me backtrack first.

The hubbie and I have started crosshell…err…I mean crossfit.  And along with this aggressive (yet truly wonderful) program, we are working on our nutrition.

More on this in a minute.

This morning, after my two-year old’s swim class, I got to drive away with two screaming toddlers.  Screaming.  Wailing. One was extra tired.  The other just being a brat.  However, they both sound the same. Annoying as hell.

Good mother that I am, I turned the music up so high I am still surprised I didn’t blow the speakers.  When that didn’t work….I rolled their windows all the way down.

Between the wind knocking the breath out of them, the blaring music, and the psycho mom driving and belting out lovely Christmas carols, it was almost as if there were no screaming kids in the back seat.  Almost.  The Christmas carol station is wonderful by the way.  I will say the windows were genius as the tears were blown away and their faces almost couldn’t scrunch up due to the voltage of air and wind.  They also couldn’t breath, but you can’t have it all.

When I got home from a hectic day at work, I had two whiny toddlers and a houseful of family to cook for.  Family dinner night.  Which I love, as my sister (and tribe) and brother come over.  They mostly watch me shuffle kids and knock the crap out of a few, but other than that it is wonderful.  Today was extra special because of my extra whiny toddlers.  Climbing, clamoring and crying.  All just…lovely.

But.  I made it.

What have I done?

Why, I have gone one full day without wine.

Why am I doing this?

Well…one, to make sure I am not a complete alcoholic.  It’s quite possible I am as I daydreamed about what KIND of wine I was going to drink tonight…then the actual cells of my body started to hurt when I remembered that I wasn’t going to drink wine tonight. Could be a problem.  Just sayin’.

And two….because our crossfit coach says that it is just not good to drink as much as we do with this program.  Well shit.

Don’t stress it though (self speak)…Friday comes quickly and you can kiss the idea goodbye of me not drinking at all.  Good lord…my kids wouldn’t make it.  I mean…I do it for them you know….

Tonight…when I announced it to my family that I wasn’t going to drink all week..the first thing my sister says is, “oh crap”, and what does my ten-year old say? “Please don’t do this mom.  It is just not a good idea at all“.

See?  I do it for them.

Here’s to three days with no wine (yes three…I had a bottle glass of wine last night so scratch Monday off).

Cheers (water)!