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For over a year I have been praying…begging and pleading..for my seventeen year old son to get off the video games….that he plays for 6-8 hours a day.  To go be with friends.  To just get out and do something.  To LIVE LIFE outside of the little electronic box he calls a computer and I call a life sucker.

About a month ago he did.

He now goes out with his friends.  He even has a girlfriend.  Like a real girlfriend (more on this another day).  He is living life.

And I never see him.


A few nights ago, he picked up his ten-year old sister from gymnastics and brought her home.  When he walked in the door…to quickly grab something…just to rush back out… I set a plate of dinner down for him.

And he hegm haws and pouts.  “Mom…my friends are waiting for me.  I didn’t know you made me dinner”.  Which, of course, is ridiculous.  I make dinner for him- the whole family- every night…which he knows cause I leave him a note, or text him, about his left overs…every night.  That usually gets fed to the dog.

“Son…sit and eat with your family tonight”. This was not a request.

He sighs…sits and shovels food so fast into his mouth… that I can’t help but to rehearse the CPR stuff I learned over and over in my head until the last crumb was consumed…about two minutes total.

“Bye mom. Love you”. Quick kiss on the cheek and….gone.

Four and a half minutes was the total time he was home.

I got four and a half minutes with my son that night.  He doesn’t get home until after I am in bed…cause you see…I have other brats that get up way too dang early.

So I now sit back in my chair, every night…sip my wine…and try to give myself a pep talk.

At least he isn’t on his video games anymore…right?

Oh hell….my luck… is he is at his friends house…playing games THERE.


Refill my glass please.