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Day four of the husband being out of town.  The kids and dog are still breathing.


Wait…better yet…I am still breathing.

One more day.  One more day.  One more day.

Perhaps if I keep chanting this, the kids will freak out and leave me alone….

Fat chance. 

Babies have fevers, all kids have sinus issues, coughs, fighting, whining, accidents in the middle of the night, homework issues, fighting, more diarrhea than a body should be capable of releasing, fighting…..and then there is me.  Sitting in the midst of chaos and hell, tipping my wine glass back.


One more day.  One more day.  One more day.

STILL.  We are all breathing.  For now.

While I am still breathing, I am also slowly finding my way out of my fitness funk I have been struggling with.  I have been researching a couple of places and re-tried crossfit (love…though kinda scared of too)-and of course I am still doing my favorite- hot yoga.  My goal is to find ways to keep fitness fun.

Like a mud run.

Yes, that is my goofball teen son posing like a statue.

We made it a family affair with my hubbie, son, sister, brother, nephews.

It was awesome.

Well, except the part of busting up two knees, my elbow and tearing blisters in my hands.  Have you ever seen the obstacles in these things?  Good thing I didn’t see most of the obstacles BEFORE I started running.  I might have just turned and ran back to my car…where my ice chest of BEER was waiting.

Yes beer.  Don’t you drink alcohol after doing a 5K?