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“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson

I think all of us would agree, that this election was very exhausting.  The last election, only four years ago, was not as exhausting as this one. Or the one before that.  Or before that.  You know what I think it is?

Social media.

I have never seen such ugliness in people as that which has come out over the last few weeks.  Truth be told, I dream of an election where neither party bashes the other party either.

Today, it matters not who you supported in the election.  Because, as Americans, it is our responsibility to respect the office of the President.  I didn’t say you have to agree with all (or even any) aspects of the person in it, but my humble opinion is, that we owe that office, as Americans, and the person who holds it, respect. It is not necessary to post ugliness any longer.

It wasn’t necessary in the first place.


Because BOTH men, and all the other women and men that serve in political positions, are just PEOPLE who are making mistakes, successes, failures and decisions- the best that they can.  Just like you.  Just like meWe make mistakes, we have failures, and we have successes, but everyday we do the best we can.  So do they.  Do you deserve to be put down, judged, bashed, cursed, made fun of or criticized for the job that you do everyday?  As a parent.  As a spouse.  As an employee.  As a business owner.  As a neighbor.  As a friend.

Neither do they.

Yes, I recognize that they hold public offices and have a duty to the public they serve.

So do we.  In our homes.  In our cities, states, and country.

We also have a duty to honor the positions in our country, that are in place, to support our country.  We have a duty to do our part.

What is our part?

  1. Pray for our leaders.  Notice I said FOR our leaders.  Not against them.  Regardless of who is in office, we pray for them to have strength, courage and honor in the decisions they make, the obstacles they face.
  2. Obey the law.  If we don’t like the laws, we work to change them; while we obey the law.
  3. Pay our taxes.  Period.
  4. Work hard and teach our children to work hard.  With honesty, integrity.
  5. Use government assistance; If we need it, we use it (that is what it is there for) then we get off of it as quickly as possible.  So that it will be there for our kids, grand-kids and future generations.
  6. Support our troops.  We don’t have to support the WHY they are there; but we support the fathers, mothers, spouses, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters that are putting their life on the line for OURS.  Period.  If we don’t like the why; we follow the law to let our voice be heard.
  7. Support the elderly, the disabled.  By paying our taxes.  By working hard.  By donating our time or resources.
  8. Take care.  Take care of our families.  Take care of ourselves.
  9. Take care of our space.  Of our house, our city, our state, our country, our world.  Pick up our OWN trash, and help others to do the same.
  10. Be kind.  Yes, be kind.  What is the point of being ugly?  Of sarcasm? What purpose does it fulfill?  Does it make you feel good?  Does it feel good if it is done to you? DOES IT CHANGE ANYTHING?

I am not a political expert.  Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows this.  I can hardly be called an expert in anything…except perhaps HOW to drink wine (I didn’t even say WINE itself…I said HOW TO DRINK IT)…but I am an American.  Yesterday I voted.  Yesterday a man was elected by the people of America.  Regardless if it was my vote, your vote or your neighbors vote that put him there.  Now, we have a duty to work with him to repair our country.

In order to do that…to repair our country, we have to repair our hearts.  We have to be ONE country to do this.  Not a republic congress, or a democratic President, or a libertarian Mayor.

We have to be an American people.

Because when Americans unite.  The impossible becomes possible.

Let’s do the impossible together.  Let’s heal our hearts and our country.

Together.  As Americans.