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There is an unspoken universal law. When you have more than one child, but only one ANYTHING…all the children want that ONE anything.

One pink ball.

The one-year old has it.

The two-year old wants it.

“Here is the blue one”, I say. It is the SAME ball. But blue.

“But I want that one”. She whines and points dramatically to the pink ball, clutched tightly in the one-year old’s grasp.

Cause whining gets you…NO WHERE in my house.

One green bucket.

The two-year old has it.

The one-year old wants it.

The one-year old takes it. And runs.

“BUT I WANT THAT ONE”, screams the two-year old, as she chases the one-year old.

One-year old gets hurt. Of course. And cries.

Cause crying gets you…NO WHERE in my house.

One toy bango.

The ten-year old has it. The two-year old AND one-year old want it.

Both cry, point and whine. Ten-year old stomps off to her room and pouts when I throw it down the stairs.

Cause crying, whining and pouting for sure will get you…NO WHERE in my house.

One glass of my favorite Cabernet left.

The husband drinks it.

“But I wanted that one”, I whine.

This of course…gets me everywhere.

Husband goes to store to buy more wine.