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Earlier today I was sitting in a chair by the window, staring outside. It was a beautiful day. A perfect day to take the kids out. To the park. For a walk. Maybe a bike ride.

Perfect day.

And yet…just the thought…of all the steps needed to get out of the house made me cringe. Or not even cringe…cause that’s even too much work.

The thought just made me…stay put. And sulk.
Have you ever had one of these days??

I am not even 100% sure why I was sulking (and really…still am sulking).  But just thinking about the steps needed to get out of the house is…defeating. Like:
Take two-year old to the toilet and try to force a potty time so we don’t have to race back to the house.
Change the one year old’s diaper.
Dress them both for outside play.
Pack snacks. ** take a shot of tequila**
Pack diapers and extra clothes.
Feed one year old just in case (kid gets CRANKY if she doesn’t eat).
Ask ten-year old to get shoes on and shut her dang tv off. Track seventeen year old down and see where the heck he is.
Get bikes ready. Or stroller out.  **take second shot of tequila** And set dinner to low (oh wait…I didn’t even make dinner).

Screw it.
Sitting and pouting sounds much better.

And drinking too.  Hand me the whole dang bottle of tequila please.