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First off…I just have to say…that learning a new language is HARD.  Good grief.  For those people in this world that started with one language for most of their life…then learned a whole new one- KUDDO’s to you.  I am only on day three of Rosetta Stone’s Italian, and I feel like the biggest dummy ever.  Thank goodness my ten-year old is doing it with me..I think I may have to always ask HER for help…

On another note…tonight I saw and felt something wonderful.  Amazing.  Beautiful.
Really there are not adequate words for it.

Tonight…all three of my girls and I played.  Yes, played.  No crying.  No fighting.  No tantrums.  Hell there weren’t even any crap diapers.  For like an hour!  Do you hear what I am telling you?  AN HOUR OF PLAY.

I probably should not type this.  As all four of my kids are safely in bed, while I am enjoying this delicious Chardonnay… and totally basking in the warm radiance of motherhood (hold onto your socks).  I don’t want to jinx it.  And tomorrow may relapse back into my abyss of hellish, sinking, turmoil..but today, today is wonderful.  Today is beautiful.

Today is perfect.

I will sleep on that.