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There is nothing more enjoyable to me than a day at the spa.  With friends.  I know, I know…I should be saying a day at the zoo with my kids.  Or a day watching my kids do something spectacular.  Or a day at home making sweet little snacks and crafts with my kids. Right.  Don’t get me wrong…those are all quite lovely…the snacks and crafts excluded as that rarely happens if I am being totally honest here…but for me, the selfish me…which I totally am, my day of bliss is a day at the spa.

It doesn’t happen often, however.  Especially since giving birth to the fourth nutjob child.  There just isn’t enough time (or funds) to splurge on my selfish days.

But when I do…I just try so hard to relish every second of it.

I had the exquisite pleasure of spending a few hours with some of my favorite people while in California, at my favorite spa.  It is a gorgeous outdoor spa with pools, a wonderful cafe, a red clay area and this amazing underground grotto.  Hellllloooo…and of course they serve wine.  Duh.  That is why I go one reason I love it.

The grotto is a must do at my favorite spa.  A dirty must do.  There is something…so thrilling about getting dirty…sitting in a hot humid dark underground dungeon… talking with other women. Intimate. Connecting. Inspiring.

And dirty.

Have you noticed, that sometimes, when you are at your dirtiest point in life, you find connections….you find stability…you find relationships?  I find stability with these women.  I find connection.  I find gratitude.

Thank you beautiful women for getting dirty with me.  I look forward to doing it again…soon.