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I am not a political person. As a matter of fact, I usually put my head in the sand and just let bygones be bygones.  I have lived, for quite some time, with the idea that what I think doesn’t really matter in the big picture anyhow, so I just do what I do and go with the flow.

However, I have now made it my goal to be more educated when it comes to the government and how the country is being run.  I am trying to anyhow.  I may not make a difference in the big picture necessarily, but educated I shall be. Mostly.  Somewhat.

The more educated I become, the more ugliness I see and it kinda scares me.  Saddens me.

I don’t care whether someone is democratic, republican, liberal or none of the above.  I find myself in one party mostly, but I also find that some of my social views fall into other parties as well.  At the end of the day- I am an American and that is my party of choice.

The division between parties is insane. I get it…somewhat– all parties do not agree on quite a few things (err…perhaps everything)- but I think we can all agree on one thing:  we all want good things for ourselves, for our kids (or future generations), and for the world.  At least I hope that we all agree on that.  The problem is, no one agrees on how to make this happen.  But even more of a problem is that everyone points fingers at everyone else to blame on why we are kinda broken (what difference does it make now..let’s get this crap cleaned up), parties lie (yes both parties do), and people fail, falter and fumble.

I don’t believe anyone signs up for the job of President with the intent to fail.  Or to make this country worse.  Or to do a bad job.  I believe everyone that steps into that office, or even runs for that office, has the best intentions and really believes that they will do the best job they can.  And I believe, for the most part, each President has done the best job they are capable of.  Mostly.

Here is what I know- it is not an easy job.  And every person- every person- in this country can do their part.  We cannot sit on our laurels (or with our head in the sand…eh heghm), and point fingers at the President (or Governor, or Mayor) and say- you broke this, or you should do this, or you didn’t do this.

Here is my simple, humble, advice for doing our part.

  • Be honest.  On your taxes, in your actions, with your deeds.
  • Work hard.  Work.  Hard.  Don’t expect the government to take care of you, or your family.  And if you temporarily find a need for the governments assistance- use it, get on your feet and then work hard.  And pay it forward.  For those that cannot work hard (disabled, etc.), then you can pay it forward too- in kind actions, kind words, a loving heart.
  • Give. What you can, where you can.  I am not just talking about taxes, or church tithing (for those that believe), I am talking about to those who need it here and now.  Our veterans, our elderly, our disabled.  If you can’t give money, give time.  Find. The. Time.  And give joyfully…because let me tell you a secret…. it feels so, so good to give, to serve.
  • Take care of your space.  Pick up your trash.  Be responsible.  Recycle.  Turn off the lights more.  Run less water.  Use less.
  • Obey the law.  Period.  If you don’t like or agree with a law, take the steps to change it.  While obeying the law.
  • Be kind.  To your neighbor.  To your co-worker.  To the stranger that you just met that dresses differently than you, or believes differently than you.  That is ok…because that is what makes us great.  The differences.

That’s it.  It is not all-encompassing.  It is not ultra intelligent either.  It sounds super simplistic…I know.  However…it is not easy…I fail in a few of these areas once in a while.  In my extremely humble opinion, if every…EVERY…American did this, perhaps we wouldn’t have a need for such ugly party division….or pointed fingers.  We would still have a need…a need to celebrate each other.  Perhaps…with a glass of wine.

Oh hell…what do I know.  Maybe I need to put my head back in the sand.  Can you drink wine that way?  Where is my straw….