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A while back, I talked about a terrible experience while my hubby and I were out taking a stroll.  We had come upon this:

On our trail…

Since then, I think..I have become a trash Nazi.  Even more than I was already.  I am not sure why…but seeing trash on the ground, to me, is the biggest slap in the face.  Really it is an assault ..to all of us.  I know there are so many more important things to get behind (like child abuse, terrible diseases, etc.) and those make me cry like a big ol baby too…but leaving trash? It’s like the damn easiest thing NOT to do.  And people who do it…disgust me on so many levels I can’t begin to describe.

OK, so off my soapbox before I bust a vein…

On that walk with my hubbie I promised myself that on my next trip out I was gonna bring trash bags and clean up.

Me and the kiddo’s did.

Look how nice it looks!

My 17-year-old was wishing, in his mind, to be doing anything, anything at all, other than picking up trash.  But he did it.  And didn’t complain.  Verbally anyhow (his face said it all).

My 10-year-old loved it.  She was on a mission to find trash throughout our WHOLE walk.  When I asked her why she thought we were picking up other people’s trash, she said,

“Cause it’s good for our economy and we should give back more than we take.”  Well, economy, ecology-whatever, she got the point.

Now the one year old? She wasn’t so happy but was a great trooper considering (we needed the double stroller to haul the trash you know).  Thank goodness the two-year old was with daddy back at the RV spot.  Not sure how that woulda turned out otherwise…

Here is the good news though; not only did we do a tremendously good deed (that felt deliciously good in my soul), but we burned calories!  Let me tell you how many squats and lunges it takes to pick up trash…uh..a lot.  My rear end is telling me all about it today.

I burned over 300 calories!

Here is my plea to you (and I promise I won’t do many of these): grab a trash bag and go for a walk with the family….or yourself..whatever your home situation is.  Even if you only did it once a month could you imagine how much cleaner the world would be?  Not to mention we would be adding some extra fitness in too. Good deed+good example for kids+extra fitness= AWESOMENESS.

Now that I burned all those calories, it’s time for the wine!