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My oldest daughter spent a month in California. A month.

The day I dropped her off at the airport, I cried on the way home. I missed her instantly.

The dynamic in the house changed, like it does when one child of multiple children is absent. Some in good ways..yes good ways…like less fighting with well, everyone. Others in not so good ways..like..I was missing my dog poop ‘picker upper’. That is one of her chores..and it fell to…ME! Ugh. Damn dog. I think I subconsciously fed Jack, the dog, less while my daughter was gone…

Last week, I flew to California to pick up my daughter as the month actually flew by and it was time for her to come home. I also was able to spend some amazing (albeit extremely short) time with precious family and friends while picking her up.

I got her back on Friday. Lot’s of amazing hugs, kisses and sheer joy at seeing her! She looked like she had grown, had her hair cut, wearing new clothes..it was awesome.

Got my big girl back

She started talking. And talking. And talking.

I started twitching. And itching. And twitching.

She talked some more. And kept hugging me.

I kept twitching.

Now, before you judge..I love, love, love giving my kids hugs and kisses…but I am not normally a touchy feely type of person..not with my kids..or my hubbie….or anyone..so after about the tenth hug…I am really starting to twitch. Not to mention the talking…and talking…and talking…

Then a little bit of pre-teen attitude kicks in..you know..the pouty bored face (if I could wipe those looks off of all kids faces I would be in heaven)…and I was almost ready to leave her in California again. It was not even Saturday morning yet.

Sheesh. Didn’t even make it 24 hours.

Give me that mother of the year award again please.