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I had a morning that, in retrospect is funny.  In reality..at the time..it really wasn’t.

Yesterday I was told I needed to get more baby cereal for the one year old, though there should be enough for one more bowl. Okie dokie, no problem.

This morning, I am juggling to get the little ones fed as the two-year old has swim class.  So there I was…banging the last little bits of the baby cereal out of the box.  I mean…I bang, shake, bang again till I got just enough to feed the lil monster.

I was feeling pretty good about myself thus far…as I walked over to the baby with her just barely enough cereal.

I had already gotten the two-year old in her chair in front of a bowl of Cheerios before 9am..that is a miracle (she is not an eater…I am not sure where the hell her poop comes from…because that she has no problem doing).  I didn’t say she ate it though, just got her in front of it.  Big difference.   Though still an accomplishment.

Plus I had showered already.

That is good too, right?

So, as I was feeling all nifty in my new yoga leggings, I headed over to feed the lil devil her baby cereal.  She’s full of smiles…as she raised her hand….and..


Yes, parents…you guessed it.

Baby cereal EVERYWHERE.

All over the chair, her legs, the floor and MY NEW DAMN LEGGINGS.

After yelling at the one year old (pathetic, yes I know), she’s crying and I’m fuming…really Shannon…really?  Who should I be mad at?  Yes…ME…that’s who…what parent doesn’t know not to have food next to a baby like that…

Good thing for Jack.  Our food vacuum dog.  Especially since I had cereal on the back of my feet and legs that I couldn’t see when I was angrily wiping off all the cereal from my body-yes body-…that Jack so kindly pointed out by licking my feet (ugh..yuck..).  That would have been an interesting topic of conversation…  “Shannon..what is that white crusty stuff on your legs and feet…?”….uh…ya…let’s not go there.

So…eggs it was this morning.

Who can stay mad at a face like this?

Now..let me see about these leggings.  I guess a lil baby cereal never hurt any yogi..right?  Just have to make sure it doesn’t look like strange white crusty stuff….

Dang kids.