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All day long I have seen pictures on facebook and updates regarding the woefulness of having kiddos go back to school.

Parents are sad and tearful.

Parents are posting pictures of kids at bus stops, or all dressed up waiting for their first day of lessons.

What was I doing this morning when two of my four went back to school?


As a matter of fact, my neighbor took a picture of my ten-year old and sent it to me. Lovely.

My brother-in-law told me last week that he hated the school year.  Too much work of packing lunches, dragging kids out of bed, homework haggling and transporting kids from here to there for after school activities.

Let me tell you how my mornings work:

  • Kids set their own alarms and get up themselves.  This starts by first grade people.
  • Kids make their own breakfast.  Ya, no cute mommy pumpkin pancakes here.  Get a bowl, get cereal and eat.
  • Kids get on a bus (or, now, one kid does, the other drives himself).


Afternoons? Let me tell you:

  • Kids come home.
  • Feed themselves a snack.
  • Kids do homework or they don’t eat dinner.
  • Big kid takes little kid to after school activities.


What happens if a kid misses the bus?  Or gets up late?

Do you really want to know?  My kids will tell that a demon comes out of my body and envelopes them in a strong embrace.

It happens very rarely.

So for me, the school year is bliss.  Perfect, amazing bliss. I was dancing a happy dance this am…after I woke up.

And next week, the two-year old starts mothers day out.

It will be a regular damn party over here.  I am working on getting her to get her own breakfast too.  Have a bit of a ways to go with that one…

No one said I was winning any mother of the year awards over here.