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My seventeen year old son has the world by the reigns.  He cannot fail.  He knows everything.  Life is good.

So he thinks.

But, isn’t that all that matters? To a certain degree?

Sometimes, I wish I still had the blissful ignorance of my youth.  I have realized, as I age (or experience life) I OVER THINK everything.  Some of it is GOOD.  Some of it is just a bit…sad.  If I was young again….

A fever would be just a fever.  And not a sign of the West Nile Virus.

A roller coaster would be a blast.  And not a possible death sentence.

Driving would be fun.  And not an almost crash every time someone makes a wrong move.

A burger and fries would taste oh so good.  And not clogging my arteries up.

Sleeping in would be amazing.  And not a sign of laziness or depression.

A broken glass would be a bit funny.  And not a scary stitches hazard.

A cough would only be annoying.  And not a sign of throat cancer.

I wouldn’t have wrinkles and brown spots.  Oh..sorry..I digress…

I find myself going through my days of late, probably because I am in SHOCK that I have a seventeen year old son, thinking about who I have become.  I am not unhappy with me.  I love me.  But I am an oh so different me than say, fifteen years ago.  I am a weee bit worried…that I am not having as much fun in life.  That, perhaps, possibly, I am so worried all the time, that I am not enjoying some of life’s beautiful moments. Maybe… too much information can cause angst and fear.  Or perhaps, I turn it into angst and fear.

Well crap.

Just give me another damn glass of wine before I start to think I drink too much…

The pleasures of ignorance are as great, in their way, as the pleasures of knowledge.  ~Aldous Huxley