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Date night!

My husband and I have really made an effort these last few months to have at least one date a week.  WITHOUT kids.

We are blessed to have the help of my mother in law to make this happen.

Last week, we decided on dinner and dancing.  Which is a little bit funny as I am having a problem with my right foot.  But that is another whole post. Damn body.

Our favorite type of meal is sushi.  And I love that because I can always find something to eat that doesn’t bother me (food allergies).  I just bring my own soy sauce, stay away from the breaded stuff and sauces and I am good to go.

On our date night, I get all dolled up, grab my purse and head out for a night WITHOUT kids (wait did I mention that already?).

We decide to try a new restaurant and have a bit of trouble finding it among all the construction nightmare around the DFW airport (I do believe that Texas is in a state of perpetual construction).

Then..my stomach lurches a bit.  I forgot my soy sauce.  I usually always carry my soy sauce and my salad dressings (in individual packets people…can you just picture me whipping out bottles of sauces??).  If I don’t have my soy sauce, then sushi just sucks.  Sorry, gotta have my sodium.

Well, I think to myself, I will just call the restaurant.  You know, cause more and more Japanese restaurants are carrying gluten-free soy sauce.  The one by our house does….

“Do you carry gluten-free soy sauce?” I ask the nice gentleman that answers.


“Do you carry gluten-free soy sauce?”  Cause if you emphasize what you mean they surely will understand.  And agree with you. Surely.

“I don’t know what that is”.

So the answer is no. Ooook.

First we try the Tom Thumb next to the restaurant.  No deal.

How about the Wal-Mart that is down the street from the restaurant (the one by my house is now carrying gluten-free options so surely this one will too..wait..there is a trend here..perhaps I need to stay by my house).  No deal.

OK, time to buckle down.  Grab iPhone, open safari and search for a Market Street.  SCORE!  One is about five miles away.  Five, long, traffic congested, construction filled miles away.

Needless to say, we missed our reservations, by a lot. BUT, I got my damn sauce, had delicious sushi and hobbled on the dance floor the rest of the night.

Hand me another glass of wine so I can’t feel my stinkin’ foot will ya?