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I have tried a lot of different fitness programs.  From plain ol gym circuits, a personal trainer, random work out DVD’s, P90X (love) to my now favorite, yoga.

Hot, bikram yoga.

The benefits of yoga are fairly well-known.  They range from improved posture & flexibility, cardiovascular health, improved nervous system, arthritis reliever, mood enhancer, yada, yada, yada.  Sorry, there are just so many things to list, I think you get the picture; and considering that yoga has been in practice for over 5,000 years- it is not just a trend and has proven its benefits.

With yoga, not only have I lost weight (now almost 30 pounds), but have also toned my muscles and sleep better at night than I ever have.  However,  the big one for me? I have been able to lower my blood pressure with yoga, getting off of those nasty pills that my cardiologist told me I would be on for the rest of my life.  What a game changer yoga has been for me.  A life changer.

There are many styles of yoga to choose from, offering a range of relaxation, meditation types to a full physical work out and everything in between.  Personally, I prefer a hard work out to go with my meditation.

I saw a video on another blog and it is going around the yoga community causing a lot of controversy.  For me, it is beautiful and inspiring.  But I can see where the community wants everyone to feel welcome to do yoga- and this may be quite intimidating.  I admit.  It is sexy.  My husband now thinks I should do yoga seven days a week.  Figures.

Regardless of how you feel about this video; you get out of your practice what you put into it- and how you live outside of it affects whatever results you may be looking for.  I believe, for me, that yoga is good for the mind, body and soul.  When I am in my HOT as hell yoga class, I can’t think of anything else other than getting into and holding my postures and BREATHING…so for those moments of my day, my mind is at rest.  Prior to class, while laying in the dark, I talk to God and spend time being thankful, filling my soul with beauty and energy.  When I leave, sweat pouring off of every part of my body while my muscles are quivering…in a shaky, not cute but very worked out, sort of way-I feel incredible.

I feel empowered.

I feel as if I can handle anything.  Including my four crazy, nutty, whiny kids.

Until I get home.

Then I need my glass of wine too.