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The 17-year-old joined us for a few minutes before he jetted out of the craziness.

We took the babies to the lake this past weekend.  Dumb.

I know there are a lot of mommies out there that take their twins, triplets or dozen children ANYWHERE with no issues.  Not I.  I am dysfunctional and probably more than a little inadequate.

Packing and hauling STUFF is a nightmare for me.  And the sad part?  We have an RV at the lake that ALREADY is pretty stocked with kid stuff. Ya I know, so you are thinking, “then what are you whining about?”.  Well, I’ll tell ya.



Oh wait.  What I meant was, I still have to bring extra clothes, towels, the two-year old’s FAVORITE towel, baby monitor (and THAT is a b$&% to get it down off the wall and back up…ya, ya I am so whining), milk, food, baby food, formula, water, WINE, beer, pack and play…you get the picture.  It is draining to even type it all.

BUT, I told myself..on the way there…that it was gonna be wonderful..to swim in the lake…drinking cold beers while the girls wore themselves out enough to sleep for a long nap.

Didn’t happen.  Late start, nap catastrophe’s, cranky babies..poopy diapers..it all adds up to NO swimming…NO fun for mommy.

So after the two-year old was finally knocked out..I mean put down for a nap, my husband and I sat outside with the 11 month old.  And he gave me a pep talk.

“Honey…I know things are crazy right now for you with the babies, the businesses and my travel schedule…”

Crazy? Try my life is a blur of shit, tears and mini tornadoes four out of seven days a week. “Mmm humm…”

“But just think, in a few years, it is going to be so much fun with the girls.”

A regular damn party I am sure. If only I can get through the next twelve hours let alone few years.  “Yep…”

“And if anyone can handle it, it is you honey.”

Riiiight.  Says the motivational coach to the losing quarterback. “Mmmm..”

“So glad we had this talk.  You want another glass of wine?”

“No thanks.  Grab the tequila will ya?”