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Social media. Email.  Texting.

These are my connections with family, friends.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  Right?  For me, it is easier, since usually I am juggling a whining kid or changing a crappy diaper…I find it fast and simple to just shoot a text back, or log into facebook on my phone…perhaps while I am rocking the baby to sleep.  Ya, ya, I know I should be staring lovingly into my daughters eyes while I feed or rock her to sleep.


Phone calls? Uh, no.  Not really.  If I didn’t catch you on the ten minute drive home, then well, we are crap out of luck.  Not unless you want to hear screaming, fighting, teasing and maybe, maybe laughter in the background.  And really, the only words I will be able to say are, “no, don’t touch that”, “put your sister down”, “I said NO”, “stop doing that”, “get the fork out of the light socket”. Ok, maybe you won’t always hear the last one.  Point being, we won’t be able to talk.  And yes, you can be upset that I haven’t called you back.  I’ll let ya.  Cause, you know, it just is what it is right now, and if you can’t understand that, well then, hummm (thinking here…trying to come up with a nice thing to say…nope I am blank)…well then… (ah hell, just leave it at that).

But..all that being said…am I the only one finding that it’s all becoming so impersonal? Let’s not even tackle social media bullying.  Not yet.  I will save that sweet cookie for another day.

I love, truly, seeing updates and pictures of people I care about.  Even those I don’t care about (yes..I have been known..to once in a while…facebook stalk…probably while I am rocking my sweet baby to sleep).


I am worried we are forgetting how to have one on one relationships. Or just to actually take the time to let someone know we are truly thinking about them. We don’t bother walking down the street to talk to the neighbor much anymore, because we already ‘see’ what is going on in her life.

Yesterday, me and my two-year old dug out some old, antique stuff.

Pens.  Paper.  Envelopes.

And we got busy.  While the 11 month old slept.

Here are the two-year old’s letters, ready to mail.  Mine are around here somewhere…

I don’t want to teach my children to have relationships through a computer or phone.  And, truth be told, not just via paper either.  I am going to add it to my black hole of parenting goals, to teach the value of a true relationship, and how to have one. To Love, even if they are a different ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation than ours.  To Respect, even if they have opinions or political affiliations that are different from ours. To Care, by taking the time to show it.

Now..I just have to go get those little sticky things so I can mail these out.


OH, July’s wine of the month!  YUMMMY Rainstorm Pinot Gris.  Check it out!