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Knowing where to draw the line with your kiddos’ is quite a dance.  To put your foot down or not.  To let things go or not.  To give options or not.  To “just do what I say” or not.  Just thinking about it makes me tired.

A lot of conversations, with each of my children, are battles (even the ten month old is ‘talking back’).  It is all a matter of whether I want to fight each one, or pick the important ones.  And then…knowing..what are the important ones?

I, am not, going to be able to provide you with an outline on what battles to pick.  Why?  Because each of us have our own ideas of what is important, what is worth fighting for, and what is not.  And guess what?  I am not going to fight this battle with you, on what is best for your child…or what you think is best regarding mine for that matter.

So…when I get my battleships ready, yours may be sitting idly by.  Or when yours are in full-blown fight mode, mine might be sipping Mai Tai cocktails on the beach (mine mostly are…if we are being honest here).

For me, what is most important is respect.  Respect for me, for God, for siblings, for OURSELVES and well..everyone else too.  No we don’t push or hit here.  No we don’t talk back here.  No we don’t raise our voice here (well..except me…this is definitely a do as I say, not as I do edict…), no we don’t break things on purpose or throw things to hurt someone, no we don’t say mean things (err…maybe I am mean sometimes…I know, I know I don’t always set the right examples…) and yes, we put others before ourselves in acts of love.

But there is oh so much I don’t battle.  Like wanting to wear a beat up, torn up princess dress every day.

A dress..we wear..5 out of 7 days.

Or…when we decide to put a Christmas shirt on TOP of the torn, beat up, princess dress.

Dress+Christmas shirt. In August. Awesome.

I see some parents that take every conversation and turn it into a “learning lesson”..one to be discussed, beat up..down, turned around and put into perspective..into the parents perspective.  Kuddo’s to those parents.

Perhaps I am too lazy for it.