I am happy to say that I have reached my goal weight and have never felt better.  I am unhappy to say that I have reached a fitness funk and it is making me cranky.

For over six months I have been incredibly motivated, approaching my work outs and meals with an almost crazy amount of enthusiasm.  I started off at 6 days a week of working out and even on some days two work outs (yoga and extra cardio).  I have scaled back as I have reached my goal…but right now..I still show up four days a week to my beloved yoga class…and yes, showing up is more than half the battle…but I am missing my mojo.

I still eat healthy, but where I had no temptations before …those gluten/dairy free cookies are sounding quite yummy.  This is not to say I don’t eat sweets once in a while…but my temptation radar is ringing every day now.

Where I had quite a few friends on myfitnesspal app helping to keep each other motivated…there is just me left.

Where I would go swimming, biking or walking with my family at night…the 108 degree weather is killing me…it’s too damn hot to even SWIM.

Ok, now that I am done whining…I have to find a shift in focus.  Because it is focus.  It is determination.  It is a decision.

Perhaps I need to revert back to two work outs a day.  Not sure what it is yet that I need to do (and I sure am open to suggestions), but I will find my mojo and kick its ass back into gear.  Yes, I will.  I didn’t work this hard, this long, for nothing…or to revert back to feeling poopy- yes, that is a technical term.

In the meantime, I will still enjoy my wine.  Yes folks, cause any fitness path I take includes grapes…doesn’t yours?