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Me and my oldest daughter @ the airport

I am not unhappy with the results of the decisions I have made in my life; I am ecstatic.  Except…for days like today.  Today, I dropped my two oldest children at the airport to fly back to California to spend time with their father.

My oldest daughter will be there for a month.

A month.

And so…my heart hurts.  It literally aches.  And it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours yet.

I joke…sort of joke…maybe sometimes I am not joking…about wanting my kids to hurry up and move out.  And yes, when the time is right, I will be ready.  But, right now…I am not truly ready.  And it hurts.

And so today, I think about all the parents who suffer without their children.  Whether it is from divorce or…even…a tragic…loss.  And my heart hurts for them too.  It aches.  And I want to hold each one of them and share something:

Time is too slow for those who wait,

too swift for those who fear,

too long for those who grieve,

too short for those who rejoice,

but for those who love- time is eternity

No matter what…no matter what loss you may have had or your current situation….  Love.  Love through it all and know that for all eternity you will have that.

And now, I am going to go mail a card to my daughter.  I am going to cry in my glass of wine and…. love her.