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I hit my 100th yoga class this week.  100 hot, sweaty, crazy ass-twisting, yoga classes.  And during my 100th class, I was recognized for it.

Cheers to me!

I remember my first class.  I was quivering inside.  Can I do this?  Why am I doing this?  Will I puke?  Will I fart (yes, I have heard that bodily functions can be an issue in yoga…though I haven’t…yet…experienced it)?  Will I pass out?

My dear friend had told me the benefits of hot bikram yoga, and sort of convinced me to try it…I was still afraid.  I had done yoga before, through the P90X program, but this was different.  This was like, serious yoga.  I mean, you can’t talk during class, and you meditate in the dark before class starts kinda yoga.  It’s one hundred degrees, at 90% humidity…what the hell am I thinking?

I cannot imagine my life without it now.  It has transformed more than just my body, it has transformed my whole being.  LOVE.

So while I was getting applause and accolades from the yoga instructor and fellow classmates, I couldn’t help but appreciate that I still like to be recognized.  That it is not just for children, or students, or employees.  But for everyone.. for me… just ME, a person.  I think we all feel that if we accomplish something, it is fabulous to then be recognized by others for it.  And I glowed the remainder of class.

I am not devaluing a belief of mine; which is to do something with no expectations or need for recognition.  For instance, do not donate something to a family in need and then expect the world to thank you for it…no, that is not my motto and hopefully I am not conveying that kind of expectation as far as recognition…..

But, it sure felt great to both complete 100 classes, and to be cheered on for doing it.  Motivation is what I will call that.

Now… let me motivate myself to not lock my children in a padded room tonight.