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My husband and I were treated to a 20 hour date.  For TWENTY WHOLE HOURS we had no children…with us anyhow.  It was sweet bliss.  My wonderful mother in law stayed the night with the kiddo’s so we could RECHARGE ourselves.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you, thank you.

So what did we do? A lot.  Nothing.  A lot of nothing.

We ate.  Drank.  Sat.  Drank.  Laid down.  Drank.

Swapped my wine for my favorite vodka. When its 108 degrees, ice in a beverage just makes sense.

Bliss.  Quiet.

We stayed at our spot on the lake, which is only ten minutes from the house.  Listening to the water lap the shoreline..without screaming kids, was so foreign I almost couldn’t understand it.  What is that noise? Oh crickets.  What is that noise?  Oh locusts.  Not kids.  Crying.  Screaming, or yelling.  Did you know that you can hear a grasshopper jump?  Yes, yes you can.

Look! Just TWO chairs. Not six.

Yep, those are my toesies.

This morning, before we went home, we decided to fish.

Well, I watched my husband fish.

The hubby fishing

My version of fishing.

Then we took a hike.  It was beautiful.


Beautiful trail.

Till we came upon this.

On our trail…

Sad. Very, very sad.

Are you serious?  Are there really people in this world that do this?  That have no regard for nature, or earth in general?

I was so devastated that we couldn’t pick it all up and take it with us.  My husband, lovingly, makes fun of me.  Just the day before we were driving into the park and there was a bag of trash in the street…that probably fell off the back of someones truck…I made him stop so I could pick it up and throw it in the dumpster along the way.

So for me, to leave, all that trash literally broke my heart.  Yes I know it is just trash, but never the less my heart hurts.  It still hurts.

We did stop at the front office, showed them pictures and told them where to go.  They said they would take care of it, though when we go back next weekend, believe this: me and the kids will be taking trash bags out and collecting whatever is not picked up.

Of course this trash catastrophe started a conversation with my husband and I,

“How could someone do that?  Why would they?” I asked

“Entitlement honey.  Some people feel they are entitled to do what they want.  Perhaps they felt the park rangers job is to pick up their mess.”

Course then, not only is my heart breaking, but I become steaming mad.

Really?  Could people be that rotten?  Is that what is broken in our society?

Lord don’t get me started on thinking I know what is wrong with society, or how to fix it.  I don’t.  But the actions of these trashy people break my heart and create a bigger picture of what is wrong…and not just the trash left behind.

We also saw a big ol’ snake on our hike.  That is to be expected.  And didn’t scare me nearly as bad as the trash.  That scares me.  People leaving trash.  People having so little care, such disregard.

I am finding peace again though.  Because, you know, I care.  And you probably do too.  There are a lot of people who care.  And, hopefully, I am creating people who care-my kids- too.  So that maybe, hopefully, the world won’t be full of trash, instead, full of people who pick it up.  Even if it is picking up someone else’s trash.  That world…that world doesn’t scare me so much.  That world is full of love.