Last night, with my husband out-of-town, I made simple pork ribs in a crock pot.  It simmered all day with gluten-free yummy bar-b-que sauce and I was looking forward to eating with my kiddo’s, sharing about our days over ribs, sweet potatoes and wine (for me).

Didn’t happen.

My 17-year-old ate with friends earlier,

My 10-year-old was AT a friend’s house.  For the night.

Course, my husband is gone.

So it was me and the babies.  Oh and Jack.  Can’t forget Jack.  He is our food vacuum.  He waits for the babies to drop something..anything, and sucks it right up.  Veggies and all.

My dinner companions tonight.

Our food vacuum, Jack.

My yummy dinner, that the babies just can’t appreciate really.

So, I have left overs.  Lot’s of them.  Of which I while be eating for lunch and possibly dinner too.

It was yummy.  And I finished the bottle of Woop Woop.  Which is my June wine of the month.  LOVE.  See wine of the month info below. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share.

Woop Woop


June 2012: Woop Woop (Shiraz, 2010, Australia)

Woop Woop from Down Under

The Story about Woop Woop (from the website) means, essentially, in Australia, for “out there”.  I really found it was, especially for a bottle of wine under $15.  I am not a fan of licorice, but this had a hint of that, and I loved it.  I could taste dark berries in it too and although not earthy (I am not an earthy wine kind a gal), it definitely has a deep taste (is that a technical term?).  I tend to buy wines by the LOOK of the label. Yes I know, a for sure science right? They don’t always work out, but it sure is fun anyhow.

All in all, I loved it and am excited to try the other varieties of this maker.