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The other night I had drinks with a friend.  And I was griping about my life (sorry friend).  Then I stopped and said,

“You know, everything that is crazy about my life right now? I chose it all”.

I did.

I chose to move to Texas, away from my family-most of my family, at least my sister and brother are here now 🙂

I chose to have a third child.

Then a fourth.

I chose to be a business owner, leaving corporate america.

I chose to support, encourage and now work steadily for my husband so that he can travel…3-4 days a week…leaving me alone…with four kids…

I made these choices.

And yes, it is crazy right now.  Probably will be for a long while.

But you know what my smart husband said last night,

“Ya, but we will never regret making these choices….and we would have always wondered if we hadn’t”.  And, that we would have regretted.  I am sure.

So this picture kinda sums it up.


I don’t know if everything is exactly as I want.  But I do love my life.  Really.  Mostly.

And I will continue to make choices that are crazy, I am sure.  I just know it.

In the meantime, I will make a toast- to all of you and your choices.  Because, you know, no matter where you are at, you have a choice.  Maybe not how you got where you are, but YOU, and ME….we can choose how we respond to where we are.

Choose to be happy.

And if all else fails.  Have a drink.

I do.


PS- I just made an amazing…looking peach cobbler.  Gluten and dairy free of course.  IT LOOKS SO PRETTY.  I can’t wait to try it later today!