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Cheaper by the dozen.  The movie.

The scene after the breakfast disaster with the frog, and the fighting kids…TWELVE KIDS mind you… and the mom finally says, “mom’s losing it, mom’s losing it!”. She says it.  Kinda like a warning.

Really? It took you that long?

I know, I know, it is a movie.

But I woulda lost it the moment I opened my eyes and remembered that I HAD TWELVE KIDS.

My ten-year old laughed at the scene.  And promptly said,

“You lose it all the time mom.”

Even my daughter knows.

I do love the intro to the movie.  The mom says that they have “gotten managing chaos down”.

Yes she is adorable…I still lose it.

I don’t think I do.

Having a tribe, and being somewhat OCD doesn’t jive together.  I make do.  But I forget a lot. I have reminders for everything, including when to roll the trash cans down for trash day.

I truly forget what activities are on what days.  Or if the babies had baths or not (thank goodness Debbie leaves me notes).  Or if I gave everyone their vitamins.  Or did I feed the dog…did anyone feed the dog?  Thank goodness most bills are on auto pay or our electricity would surely be turned off.

But I never forget to pick up wine from Costco.  Oh nooo I don’t.

Because, one thing, that keeps me from ‘losing it’…more than I do…are my grapes.


PS-I made a yummy pasta salad for lunch today.  Using the same dressing from my last one, I just added chicken and olives.  SO TASTY.