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Back to the lake. Again. With the tribe.

Wish me luck.

I am not pouting today, so perhaps it will be a rock star half day (can never have a full rock star day…)

Going to start the day off right.

Liquid vitamins-check.

Extra vitamin b12-check .

Chia seed & hemp seed-check.

My power breakfast-check.

Gluten free toast with Earth Balance butter. Lactose free yogurt with my chia/hemp seeds. Fresh tomatoes from the backyard with sea salt.

I am ready. To tackle the whining. The poopy diapers. The non-napping demons that resemble my kids. The fighting and bickering. The amount of STUFF that is required to take four kids anywhere. The balancing act of changing one kid while stuffing a cookie in the others mouth-to keep em quiet. The “I don’t wanna eat that” comments. The “I am bored” comments. **PS- IF YOU ARE BORED THERE ARE A TON OF WEEDS IN THIS CAMP SITE THAT COULD USE PULLING*** The wasps, bees and flying biting things. And non-flying biting things. The HEAT.

I am also ready for family time. Laughter and perhaps a bit of fun.

Bring it.

If all else fails, I’ll start drinking early. On a lake that is socially acceptable, right?