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I meet new people everyday.  Wonderful people.  Beautiful people.

I meet mean people too but will pretend as if I don’t.

I meet people who I think to myself, “this person would make a really cool friend”.  Like a friend.  Not just someone who is a ‘friend’ on facebook.  I am just not sure it is a good idea for me to have more friends.

My current friends tell me that I am giving, thoughtful and caring.  So sweet huh?  The truth is, I let them all down.  At some point.

We all do. I think.  Hell that would suck if I was the only one.

I say something stupid and later wish I could grab it from the universe and shove it back down my pie-hole.  Or I become inconsiderate and selfish.  Forget that I have a friend with a very sick father and ask her how he is doing.  Support her.  Instead I just…forget.  I fail to invite someone to something via that evite thing and a day before the event realize it and try to invite her.. that goes over well.  I forgot.  Truly.  Who forgets these things? Who says stupid and mean things? Me.

I don’t really truly mean to do this.

Yes, I can let people down.  Or disappoint them.

I have also been let down and disappointed. That darn word: expectation.

I am working on my own expectations so as not to be let down or disappointed as often and instead think forgiveness and love.  Don’t I wish that forgiveness and love is what my friend is thinking when I plum forget her birthday (thank you facebook for saving me with this one A LOT)?  Besides, forgiveness and love feel better, right?

So maybe I ought to make 3×5 cards to hand to new friends.  A warning of sorts?  Maybe it would look like this:

I want to be a good friend.  But I probably won’t succeed all the time. I will actually suck at it sometimes. I will let you down. But other times I won’t.  I will love you too.  And I am not an evil serial killer.   Do you still want to be my friend?   Circle yes or no below.

Not sure that will do the trick.  But could give it a shot.