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So it wouldn’t be fair if I only posted the pretty delicious meals that I make, and not any of the ones that…well…don’t work.

In tonight’s case…it was ME that messed up.

I was so excited about a new piece that I got at Williams Sonoma that I rushed home to make a beer infused chicken with bar-b-que sauce.  I was SO excited to show and tell you.

Well here it is.

Massive failure. Man who is gonna clean this? Oh ya..me.

Yep, I stuck it on the grill on HIGH and walked away and in the midst of changing poopy diapers, doing some emails and trying to console the 9 month old I LEFT it on HIGH for 30 minutes.


Frozen gluten/dairy free pizza it is.

Will try again tomorrow.

BUT..I will enjoy my glass of Chardonnay though.

I will drink till the chicken doesn’t look burnt perhaps.



Here was the start.  Will try again tomorrow (new recipe I am making) and send the recipe if it works…

Look how cool this is from Williams Sonoma.

Well it is ready..to burn.