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As of this past Monday I have lost over 22 pounds in just under six months.  I am now in a size I haven’t seen since my junior college/high school days.

But that is not the point.

What I do want to stress, that although I am thoroughly enjoying my new size, size is not the most important thing to me.  Looking good on the outside is a side benefit.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE shopping for new clothes (I haven’t bought myself new clothes other than a few target items here and there in years!)…and I LOVE putting on a pair of pants from six years ago and realizing they are too BIG.  But what really makes me happy is how I feel.  How my insides look.  And I am thinking they are looking gooooood.

So..before anyone pursues a road to health and fitness it is important..at least in my eyes, not to look at the magazine models or most TV actors and think, “that is how I need to look” cause each of our bodies are made in a certain frame and not all frames are alike.  My size 4 is someone else’s size 10 or someone else’s size 2. The number is not important…what is important is what you are doing to your body.

In August of last year I had my fourth baby.  I had not lost all the weight from my third baby when I got pregnant with my fourth, so you can imagine I didn’t exactly stay in the general range of weight gain they give you.  I gained more.

That didn’t worry me so much though (though it should have).  What did is what happened toward the end of my pregnancy.  My blood pressure sky rocketed.

I struggled with this with my second too, so I understood how it happens in pregnancy.  What I wasn’t prepared for was after I gave birth.  It just wouldn’t go down.  I ended up on medication at my 6 week postpartum check up.  I also felt terrible.  Like crap is the best explanation.  Tired.  Weak.  Sick-like.  It was pure yuck (technical term here).

My blood pressure wouldn’t respond to the medication.  We changed it.  Ran tests.  Still not responding.  Getting higher-to dangerous levels.  We are now almost six months postpartum and my blood pressure is horrible.  What the heck is going on?

I decided I needed to do something and not wait for medications to be figured out.  It is my body and all of our bodies are designed to heal themselves- if we allow them to.

In December I was diagnosed as border line Celiac and lactose intolerant.  This definitely explained part of the reason I was feeling so terrible.  I had struggled with eating/digestive issues my whole life, but they really came to a painful head during my fourth pregnancy.  Finally I had an answer…you know after they shoved tubes in each end of me and biopsied things that shouldn’t be biopsied.  But an answer it gave.

I started yoga on January 14th.  Fell instantly in love.  It has played an important role in my life change-though it is not the whole picture.  Besides, I had done yoga before.  Hell I had done everything before.  P90X (which I still love), gym routines, Jenny Craig, shake diets, all meat diets…you name it, I did it.  None stuck.  But more importantly, none made me feel completely whole.

I now feel completely whole.  I don’t know if I have ever physically felt better.  And it is hedging into me mentally as well.  Which lord knows with my family history…I need that just as much as I need my blood pressure managed.

My blood pressure is now perfect.

The road is not easy.  The truth is, before you can do anything you have to do the hardest part.  Choose.

Choose to do something.  To change your life.  We only get oneONE life.  If you are lying on a hospital bed and decide to make changes..that is great, but why not do it before then?  Why wait till a doctor tells you to stop or start something.

I know we all know what is healthy.  Or rather we know what is unhealthy.  So why do we choose it each and everyday?  Cause it is cheaper (yes junk food is pretty cheap)?  Is there really a price for your life?  For your health?  Will you think that after you have had a stroke, or heart attack, or organ failure?  Will you wish you had made other choices?

So now that I have brought the gloom and doom…I am asking you to please join me.  Join me in making a difference in your life, and the lives of your children, or even the life of a friend, family member, spouse, father, brother, mother, sister.  WE can do this together.  I need you.  Need your encouragement and support.  Because even though I love my new life, it is still a choice everyday.  Everyday that I am surrounded by laziness or junk food, I make a choice.

Will you make it with me?

PS- wine is an important part of my fitness plan.  Just sayin’.