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I have always tried to come up with my own recipes of ‘stuff’.  Stuff being from all around the house and pantry.  Since being diagnosed with gluten/dairy issues, it has been a bit harder and harder to put together good recipes that don’t require a ton of work.  Although good is a matter of opinion…each of my kids have their own…and my smart husband thinks they are all good.  I know they are not all good.  Some have been down right terrible.  It is not just the gluten/dairy issues, but I have been trying really, really hard to also cut down calories and focus on what is considered healthy.  Combine all that and it is hard.

Today I threw a bunch of stuff together to roast.

My prep area with all my goodies.

Organic, free range chickens (took the skin off).  Tangerines (for the juice).  Gluten free Red Bridge beer.  Peppers.  Carrots.  Sea salt.  And rosemary from my herb garden.

I have put everything in my roaster, set at 150 degrees to cook for…oh maybe 4 hours or so.

I really have no idea how this will taste.  My husband will say it is GOOD.

I will have to let you know tomorrow.  It can’t be bad, can it? Oh well…all else fails we will drink the rest of the beer and the kids can eat cereal.

Cooking at 150.