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Am I the only one that has tried to grow a vegetable (or fruit..or herb..or like anything that is plant related) and failed miserably..a few times?  And yes, I tried the upside down things..topsy turvy or something or other.  Ya, failed that too.  I used to have a running joke that I can barely keep the dog alive which is why plants are a no go for me (reality is I barely feed the kids let alone the dog)…I don’t think it is a joke any more (and thank goodness half my kids are big now-they remember to feed the dog).


Last year, because we are in stage one of one hundred of putting an outdoor kitchen in our backyard (it’s a ten-year plan), I found I had a small patch of yard for a garden due to some movement of bushes/trees.  This in itself is a miracle because the owners before us must have been Olympic wanna be swimmers and used almost the entire back yard for a pool…of course when we were house shopping this was appealing..until you add up the costs of pool maintenance (even when your 16-year-old son is the ‘pool boy’).  So imagine my excitement when I gained a 6 foot by 4 foot area to plant something!

Actually I am not sure why I was excited.

I think a part of me is finding the need to connect with my ‘roots’, no pun intended, and I grew up watching and helping my Nona tend to her garden (now THAT was a garden)-which she loved.  There has to be something there other than the health benefits of having fresh fruits and vegetables…and saving some dough..right?  Like therapeutic or something?

The problem is, it is not therapeutic at all when you watch the darn thing wilt and produce very little..oh ok almost nothing.  I was very good at putting it all together all cute with a rabbit cage thing (I know that is not what it is called, but that is the purpose it served-to keep rabbits out) and clean potting soil with pretty stalks of tomato plants, cucumber and strawberries.  It was just picture perfect.  And what genius is it that the sprinkler head is like right there so I don’t even have to remember to water it!

I got about 5 tomatoes, 0 strawberries, 0 cucumbers and 1 giant snake.

Ok it wasn’t giant.  But it was big.  Even my big bad husband had to use a shovel, a machete and finally a gun to kill it. Hey..it is Texas after all.

In my defense we had one of the hottest summers ever. Right?

So, the question is..do I try it again?  The idea of gardening sounds so good.  I even just spent some time actually reading about planting in North Texas-you know cause before I just figured you planted something and watered it right?  That is what my Nona seemed to do (so what if it was in Southern California and big deal if I didn’t see everything she did in her garden).

Maybe I just stick with one plant this year.  Like tomatoes.  Ya, tomatoes might work.

And what the heck do you put up to keep giant snakes out?  Humm..will have to research that one.

Therapeutic…errr right.  Maybe I will stick to yoga.